We are both very close with our families. They play a big part in our lives every day! Rachael is one of six girls, and I am one of three boys. To us, everything is better when shared and a noisy house is definitely a happy one!

Our Godson Luciano
We are very proud Godparents.
Rachael and her sisters
Taken at an 80's-themed party. From left to right: Naomi, Rachael, Nancy, Dawn, Donna and Ruthie.
Wine tasting with Matt's brother
Wine tasting with Matt's twin brother Victor and his wife Julie.
Curling with Matt's younger brother
Curling night with Matt's brother Alex and his girlfriend Sasha.
Rachael's parents
Rachael's parents Ruth and Bill.
Matt's parents
Matt's parents Dianne and Victor.
Lucy is our 6-year old rat terrier. She is super smart and really likes kids.
Matt's nephew Sam
Matt teaching his nephew Sam to play pool.
Rachael's niece and nephew
Rachael with her sister Naomi and her kids Caitlin and Shawn seeing a holiday play at a local theater.
Race with Dad
Matt and his Dad after running the annual Veterans Day cross country race.
Matt and his Mom
Taken at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City.
Matt and Shawn
Matt and Rachael's nephew Shawn rockin' and sockin' those robots.
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There are a lot of special people who will add so much to the life of a new family member!

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