There are things that we enjoy doing year after year—some activities are seasonal, others we can indulge in whenever we please. These allow us to appreciate where we live, what we have, the flow of the seasons. We also enjoy trying new things. Maybe we'll find an activity to further enhance our lives—at the very least it's always a pleasure to learn something with those we love.


Rachael shooting
Rachael taking advantage of the perfect light of a waning winter afternoon to capture some images.
Dahlia #1
This shot won an award!
Pier 60 sax player
A moody shot that captures the feel of a rainy pier one summer afternoon.
Having a snack on a winter day.
Sunset over the boardwalk
One of many stunning sunset shots Rachael has captured.
A colorful inhabitant of Florida's Gulf Coast.
Dahlia #2
Rachael has such steady hands--no tripod needed to capture this closeup.
Night bridge
The span of a well known bridge near us hanging in space on a cloudless summer night.
Rachael setting up a long exposure
We hiked quite a distance to find a magical stream tumbling its way down a rocky valley.
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Veggie garden
it never ceases to amaze me that all of this started from tiny seeds!
Full bloom!
I make it a habit of going into the garden to prune, so there is room to walk through and pick!
Tall corn
The corn has been doing very well in our garden.
Fresh picked
We like to have the family over to pick their own ears right off the stalks.
Sweet corn
Honestly, you can eat it raw—it is so tender and sweet.
When they start coming in, we pick bushels at a time!
More tomatoes
Plenty to share!
This is what summer tastes like!
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Ready to pick
My pickles go right from the garden to the kitchen!
Brine time
Nephew Sam helps make my special brine.
All the ingredients
Just about ready to pack the jars.
Freshly sealed
I love the sight of a packed pickle jar!
Pickles to go
When nephew Sam comes to visit he always leaves with pickles of his own.
Sharing is the best part
Sharing with my cousin's daughter Morgan.
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Ski Jumping
We've watched it on TV, but nothing could compare to the thrill of witnessing athletes soar overhead and fly down a steep mountainside. The energy of the many fans gathered at the landing area far below was infectious!
We recently spent an exciting day snowmobiling through wooded trails and across a frozen lake. Such a thrill!
When you lace up your skates and step onto the ice you feel like a kid again!
When the snow falls it's a whole new landscape to explore.
Great way to spend a winter day!
Rachael is an excellent bowler which contributes to her accuracy when curling.
The pose
I had to strike the classic (and dramatic) curling pose!
In the house
Curling is a surprising cardio workout! Also a wonderful way to meet really cool people.
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