sits far back from a quiet street. It reflects our love of color and design. Here we enjoy peaceful nights, bright sunlit mornings, conversations with neighbors over the fence. We have plenty of space to play in—both inside and out! Spending time here with family and friends, cooking, crafting, hosting barbecues in the summer featuring fresh-picked vegetables from the garden, gathering around the outdoor fireplace as the sun sets on autumn evenings, even playing in the snow come winter! From the foot of the driveway to the back fence it's a safe and welcoming place where memories are meant to be made.

Our house
We are set far back from the street
Couch-time with Lucy
Rachael relaxing in her favorite spot in the living room. Lucy's favorite spot is pretty much anywhere we are!
Favorite quote
We love this quote so we had an artist make a print of it.
The train layout
Matt and Rachael's Dad enjoy working on the train layout together. There's always plenty to do (since you never really want to be done)!
Rachael's craft area
Rachael does projects for birthdays, holidays and special occasions—even for work! There is always something creative in progress.
Hanging out downstairs
The basement is a colorful space in which to play, be creative or just relax.
Grandma's artwork
We have several pieces of art made by my Grandmother hanging around the house.
Black eyed Susans
Every summer the flower bed that runs down the driveway blazes with these flowers.
Playing out back
Rachael's Dad made this giant Jenga for us to play at outdoor gatherings.
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is a place in which we feel very lucky to live. Our house is a short walk from a friendly and lively town which features great schools, libraries, churches and playgrounds. We start every weekend with a visit to the bluffs that look out over an amazing view of the water. We are very proud of our two stunning state parks which are practically across the street! Visits to our beaches, hiking, biking and boating are common activities and natural beauty is all around us—which we enjoy all through the year!

View from the bluffs
We come here every weekend all through the year.
The boardwalk
This is at one of our two state parks in town. It's a beautiful stretch of boardwalk that runs the length of the beach.
Playground at the park
We have several parks in town, many within walking distance.
The beach
It's a big part of our lives here.
Turkey trot
Every year on Thanksgiving I run this race at the other of our state parks.
Saint Patricks Day Parade
There is a big Irish presence in town and the parade always gets a great turnout.
Another way to enjoy the waters around us.
Music in town
Free concerts in town on Friday nights.
Every year, the fire department makes sure that all the kids get to meet Santa.
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