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Thank you so much for visiting our website. It was done by my husband Matt who’s a great artist, illustrator and writer. He created all of the cartoons here as well. I hope you enjoy it! Although our website can give you a lot of information, I want to make sure to give you a little piece of my heart.

I realize that it will take more than Matt and me to fulfill our dream of becoming parents. It will also take you…So I want you to know that we view you as our gift, and we will support you through this and hope to have a lifelong relationship with you if that is what you want. We respect you, and the decisions you make. 

Our friends and families could NOT be happier that we have decided to adopt. There are so many baby cousins, nephews, nieces and friends waiting to grow up together with our child.  There will be so much FUN, pals, and play dates that I know will make beautiful memories. And the center of our world will be the child that we love, protect, and raise to reach his or her full potential, surrounded by laughter, encouragement, and support. 

The photos that fill this site show only SOME of the cool things that we do. We share these experiences with many special people, but nothing would be as special as sharing them with a child of our own. If you have questions or would like to know more about us, we’d love to hear from you! Please call, email or text, whichever you’re most comfortable with, and we’ll be happy to share our information (and our hearts) with you.




by Matt


M – Alright, first question... wait, you look nervous, are you?


R – Umm, Yes I am. I mean, this is a big deal! I think adopting a child is the most important thing we'll probably ever do.


M – I agree. Jeez, now I'm nervous. Thanks Babe!

R – Get on with it!

M – Okay! Is there anything you ever wanted to do but haven’t?


R – Umm, hello? What do you think we are trying to do here? Duh…


M ­– Ha, right! Okay moving on…I look at you and I think, “Here is someone with lots of friends, close family relationships and who has a great job.” What is something about yourself that has helped you become successful?


R – Hmm. I think a person has to like themself. I like myself and a lot of really good things can come from that. That’s something I would teach anyone I cared about, especially a child.


M – Next question. Do you think you are more creative or practical?


R – I would say I am “creactical.” Or “preative.”


M – Ha! I would say both for sure! Here’s another one. What would you want an expectant mother to know?


R – I’ve thought about this a lot. That she will be just as important to us after the adoption as before. And as much as we respect her child, we would respect her as well.

Fun fact about Rachael...

Rachael comes from a big family and has eleven nieces and nephews! She became an aunt at the age of seven! She also has four Godchildren!



Let’s be honest. We created this site because things didn’t turn out the way we thought they would. You may be looking at this site for the same reason. Well, let’s look on the bright side—we already have something in common!


I’m sure that in a lot of ways we don’t appear to be any different than any of the other hopeful couples that you may also be looking into. In truth we probably aren’t! Like them, we love each other deeply, we love our families and friends. We love where and how we live. We have great careers that give us security and freedom. What sets us apart from these other people? We are happy to share as much as we can with you, so that you can determine that for yourself. If there is something you don’t see or are curious about, just ask!


This website represents our first steps on a new journey. Perhaps you feel that you are on a journey of your own. We hope that after you have a look around, you will consider reaching out so we can continue to get to know each other. Maybe you will decide to align your steps with ours. We can all get to where we want to be by continuing our journeys together.




by Rachael


R – What kind of a parent do you think you’ll be?


M – I think I would be a lucky one. And a thankful one. Because a very special person will have decided to make our dream come true and every moment I spent with a child would remind me of that.


R – I was going for something like strict or easy-going but that was very sweet, Babe.


R – Do you think our relationship will change if we have a child?


M – I think that healthy relationships are ones that evolve over time, as the participants grow and learn and continue to become interesting people. And that process can be exciting and sometimes stressful, which is life. So yes, I fully expect it will.

R – What kinds of activities are you looking forward to sharing with a child?


M – Oh wow. There are so many things. When I’m working in the garden, or adding to the model railroad, just the other day when I was doing a woodworking project, I envision having a young person with me. But I think the main thing I look forward to sharing is family. There are a lot of loving and interesting people who are going to add so much to our child’s life.

R – I think we are both definitely “Makers”. And there are always going to be interesting projects for a child to enjoy.


M – For sure. As a kid my spare time was spent pushing a pencil across a piece of paper. My hands always moving. I’m still the same way. I feel a closeness with kids because like them, I love learning through experience.

R – Who do you admire? Other than me, ha!


M – Other than you? Well, every now and then I’ll meet someone who appears to be content. They enjoy what they do and where and how they live. I think fulfillment is very important. I admire anyone who has found that for themselves and I would teach a young person to pursue that.

Fun fact about Matt...

When we were dating, he would send me an illustrated note every morning. I don’t think he ever missed a single day! He said that he considers those messages to be the best use of his talent, and the most important work he’s ever done!


what we

There’s an old saying that goes “when you love what you do, you don’t work a day in your life.” We are so lucky work-wise, because we both get to use our creativity and artistic strengths in our careers. Best of all, our work schedules are very baby-friendly, because we both have the freedom and flexibility to work from home a lot of the time (so we can take turns on diaper duty!)

I am a sales rep for a major manufacturer of wall coverings and textiles. I use my background as a commercial interior designer and my color sense to coordinate all the decorative elements of my clients’ workplaces. In short, I see to it that the companies, hospitals, nursing homes, spas and businesses I work with are functional, safe, and most importantly, warm and welcoming to all who visit.

I am in advertising, working as an art director, graphic designer, and illustrator. I am currently in charge of an award-winning project that teaches kids money skills, through a website, game app, books, comics and a cartoon TV series.

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